Blue Sky Traders operates from Norman, Oklahoma. With a population
of just over 100,000. Home of the University of Oklahoma, a diverse
How does this benefit you? Oklahoma has been ranked 13th on the
lowest state to do business - so our operating costs are much lower than
say, California. We pass these savings onto you. Consider the following.

•Oklahoma has an overall total cost of business that ranks
thirteenth lowest in the United States.
•Oklahoma labor costs run well below the national average.
•Oklahoma offers abundant local access to reliable and affordable   
energy sources.
•Oklahoma has one of the lowest per capita tax rates in the nation.
We're Your Partner
In the U.S.
Established & Trusted
Worldwide Since 2004

Who Are We?

We are the guys from the Midwest. The ones from the little town, where relationships mean something. When there’s a problem –
we face it and figure a way to solve it. When things are tough, we work through it.

We’re established and trusted. We’re world traveled, so we        understand.  We have shipped to every continent, except Antarctica.
We are working hard to figure out how to ship something there – just to say we did it!

We’re flexible. We can hunt down and find most anything you need.  Procurement and hard to find items are our specialty.  If we
don’t know an answer – we have the contacts to ask.

We are here to do a darn good job and impress.  We know you have a job to do and we want to ensure you get kudos for doing it.
Give us a chance to show you what we’re made of. We promise you’ll be happy you did.
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Norman, OK 73071
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When there’s a problem – we face it and figure a way to solve it.
Why Oklahoma?